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Did you ever feel unsafe or frightened when walking alone or stepping out in odd times? If yes join me.. Let's discuss more on it and definitely, this is worth reading.

First of all, I am not here to discuss any incident or blame someone but felt really important to come up with few things. When women are talking about equal rights it also comes to self-defense and acting-wise in few situations to protect yourself. Being a woman when I see other women fight for equal rights why don't we be prepared to protect ourselves is my question. Don't step out into dangerous situations when you are not aware of how to escape from unexpected traps. Yes, this may be rude but this sexual assault is not just restricted to rape cases but also other situations where women are getting trapped with false appearances by men and dragged to dangerous situations.

As everyone in this digital world is using smartphones, don't use them just for entertainment take time to know how society is... Women should take this seriously about self-defense. Not all the time someone will come to help you. Self-defence will teach you mental stability and how to defend yourself in odd situations. This is very sad that we are living in an increasingly violent society in which fear of crime is bothering everyone. Here I tried to sum up a few tips that can be useful for at least one person...

My intention is not to blame women but all of a sudden we cannot change society. Till something good happens around us and see the safe society we should safeguard ourselves. 

Tips to escape from sexual assault:

  • When you stay alone at home don't allow strangers to enter your house. Always keep a protective element just beside the door or any other place that is handy for you. It could be a pepper spray, a stick, or any other thing that you can protect yourself from predators.
  • Keep a watch on your surroundings and react immediately before the situation gets worse. Always avoid situations to be alone in strange places.
  • Keep your trusted person in contact every time you step out and seek help if necessary.
  • If you are carrying handbags or purse attach a whistle that sounds high to alert people around you to come for any assistance.
  • Always keep your mobile phones handy to take some action immediately to escape the situation.
  • If you are having a smartphone instead of a normal call go for a video call and try sharing your location if something suspicious is found around you.
  • When you feel unsafe immediately get into a shop, ATM, or apartment near you. Enter the lift.. press all the buttons up to your destination. No one will dare attack you in a lift that stops on every floor.
  • Before you get into a taxi or auto or cab, note down its registration number. Then use the mobile to call your family or friend and pass on the details to them in the language the driver understands. The driver will be aware that his details are with someone and never dare to attack you.

**Most importantly don't get panic if you are in a tough situation this will give advantage to the predator to act wild. Most sexual assaults are turned violent when you scream and shout for help. So act smart and take a wise step to escape at the earliest.**

Here are some helpful mobile features:


Every smartphone these days has an SOS feature which is otherwise called a panic button. Once you go to settings and give details in the SOS feature it will get activated. In an emergency, just by pressing the power button 5 times your message will be delivered to your close ones to come for help.


Share maps:

When ever you are going out alone keep your trusted person aware of where you are going. Share your location with that person so that they can have a track on you.


Share your location on WhatsApp:

You can also share your location easily on WhatsApp by just clicking on attach features to share your current location. 

         After all, being mentally alert is the greatest weapon you can ever have. 

All women out there!!! we should see our safety first. Avoid unsafe situations and be safe, we should be courageous and take immediate actions without fear. We should take care of ourselves when some men are no more men nowadays. Hope this article will help at least one person reading this. 

If you have more views on this please share them in the comments sessions below. In my next article, I will come up with some useful android apps for women, stay connected.

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